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It's 7:18 AMSorry, we're closed. Pre-order Now &
Choose A 2hr Delivery Timeframe Tomorrow From 12-8pm

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Why We Are The Best Weed Delivery Service In Vancouver, BC

Welcome to Budora

If you're looking for a same-day delivery service in Vancouver, BC that offers top THC Cannabis products - from Premium Quads, Edibles and Concentrates - at the lowest prices in Canada. Then you're in the right place, our delivery times are under 3 hours, and they are always 100% discreet.

As a new medical marijuana patient, you may wonder where to buy weed in Vancouver. Unfortunately, there are many dispensaries in the city; it can be challenging to choose which one to choose.

Budora is a cannabis delivery service that makes it easy to order your cannabis for your medical or recreational needs from the comfort of your home or office. You can place an order anywhere in Metro Vancouver and deliver it within 180 minutes by a friendly and professional Courier.

Weed delivery services like Budora make it easier for patients to access the medicine they need. 

Here’s why:

1) Convenience

With Budora, you don’t need to leave the house or office to get your medicine. All you need is an internet connection and a phone number. Then you can place an order at any time during operating hours. The weed will arrive at your door within 3 hours!

2) Selection

They have a wide selection of cannabis products, including flowers ranging from Quads, trips and dubs, edibles and concentrates. You can also find CBD-only options if you’re looking for something that won’t get you high.

3) Quality

Budora’s cannabis is of the highest quality, smoked and tested by our in-house team. We only work with the best growers in BC, Canada and only provide you with the best strains at the most competitive prices!

4) Secure Payment

The payment page on our website is secured using SSL encryption, which means we protect your information using a 2048-bit key. In addition, we use the same level of encryption as banks, so you can be sure your personal information is safe with us.

What Is Weed Delivery In Vancouver?

Weed delivery in Vancouver is an excellent service for those who don’t have time to go to the dispensary or don’t like to leave their house. It’s also a perfect choice for those who want to avoid crowds.

Vancouver Weed Delivery is when you order cannabis products online, and they are delivered to your home or office by courier. Once you place an order with us, we’ll send you a confirmation e-mail, and you’ll receive a text from us to know when our driver is on the way to you. Once your order arrives, accept it and enjoy!

Is weed delivery popular?

Yes! Weed delivery is extremely popular in Vancouver because it allows customers to avoid long lines at dispensaries and get what they want without leaving their houses or office. In addition, we’ve found that many customers prefer our online store because they can browse our selection of products at their convenience without having to wait in line or travel anywhere else.

So what’s stopping you? Pick your Items and enjoy the #1 weed delivery service in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Cashis Henry
Cashis Henry
Fire place to get bud
Steven Mcara
Steven Mcara
Use them all the time, quality is always there, delivered in under 2 hrs most times, highly recomend
Tammy Wong
Tammy Wong
Good service! Good stuff and prices. Satisfied!
Hassaan Zahid
Hassaan Zahid
Amazing selections and fastest delivery in Van ever 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👌👌👌🪬🪬☮️💜❤️🐉🐉
Morgan Telfer
Morgan Telfer
I love this, so quick and easy :)
Great delivery service. Always within 3 hours. Great bud. All around solid dispensary!
Tylor Kutny
Tylor Kutny
We've been buying from this company for a while now. We spend a lot every month and the amount of freebies, customer service and product consistency they provide is why we keep coming back. Out of the years we've had maybe two times where the bud wasn't flushed, we could exchange it with no problems. We recommend them hands down everywhere we go.
Update! They have been in contact, and are going above and beyond to make thing's right with me. Thwy have been and still are now back to my #1 IMPRESSIVE BUDORA!☺️😁👌 Again, these guys and gals are amazing and wouldnt go anywhere else
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