Cannabis Legalization in Canada

when was cannabis legalized in canada

Cannabis legalization in Canada has been in the news since the bill was passed a few years ago. As a result, Canada became the second country in the world to officially legalize cannabis consumption.

Though it has been four years since its legalization, with both positive and negative consequences, we cannot predict whether its legalization will pose a long-term threat. According to a Statistics Canada survey, cannabis sales in Canada increased by 120% in 2020 compared to 2019. That is, there has been a noticeable increase in cannabis use between 2019 and 2020.

Despite the fact that legalizing cannabis benefits the economy, medical professionals are concerned about its health and safety risks. Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis legalization and its impact in Canada.

The Cannabis Act

The cannabis bill, like every other bill that becomes law, was passed into law and received approval before it became an Act. The Bill C-45 Cannabis Act received full legal support, including the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis across Canada.

Furthermore, the Cannabis Act seeks to legalize recreational marijuana use. Nonetheless, the Act’s intentions were to limit cannabis possession to adults of legal age (18 or older) and to protect children from its consumption. Sales have increased rapidly since its legalization on October 17th, 2018. Since then, licensed stores that officially distribute it have been swamped with walk-in customers.

Is the consumption of cannabis approved?

Consumption of cannabis is legal in Canada, but only with certain restrictions and regulations. This exists to limit the number of cannabis plants that a person can consume at one time. Furthermore, the legalization of cannabis came with its own set of objectives. These objectives include keeping drugs out of the hands of children and taking profits away from criminals. That is defined by the Cannabis Act.

  • Cannabis can only be distributed and sold by the provincial government. Private retailers who want to sell cannabis must obtain a license.
  • Only adults should cultivate cannabis plants at home, with a maximum of four plants per household.
  • Only the federal government has permission to cultivate cannabis in the country.
  • In addition, there are various laws in Canada that govern cannabis consumption and driving.

Although cannabis consumption is permitted, only legal cannabis products purchased from a licensed dealer in Canada are permitted. Legal cannabis products clearly state the Cannabis Act’s requirements, which include product quality, packaging, promotion, and labeling.

Legal Cannabis and Illegal Cannabis

As previously stated, cannabis may be legalized in Canada if the approved standard is met. Legal cannabis is the approved type of cannabis. Any other form of edible or concentrate that does not adhere to the prescribed cannabis regulations is referred to as “illegal cannabis.” The lawyer is advised for the following reasons:

#1. Quality Control

Legalized cannabis has an advantage over illegal cannabis because experts have the authority to monitor its quality control. The quality control of legally produced cannabis has been tested for substances harmful to human health.

 #2. Accuracy

Various tests were performed on the legal type during production. This testing includes determining the precision of its CBD and THC levels. CBD stores in cannabis are said to be used to treat the following conditions:

  • Nausea
  • Pains
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Sleep disorder
  • Multiple sclerosis is among them.

Although both CBD and THC are cannabinoids, their effects on the body differ. Because THC is responsible for getting users high, the THC to CBD ratio in cannabis is 10:1. These are the characteristics of legal cannabis.

#3. Safety

Another reason why legally produced cannabis is ideal for consumption is that it can be tested. When a safety issue is discovered, manufacturers, Health Canada, or license holders conduct this testing.

Illegally produced cannabis has numerous drawbacks because it has not been tested by an authorized dealer or body.

One should not consume illegally produced cannabis for the following reasons:

#1. No test on quality control

Unlike legally produced cannabis, illegally produced cannabis is not usually subjected to various quality control tests to detect harmful substances. Without the consumer’s knowledge, illegally produced cannabis may contain substances such as strange plants, molds, pesticides, and bacteria.

#2. No accuracy

Illegal cannabis lacks CBD and THC testing, which allows experts to determine the precise ratio to include per KG. Because only a small amount of THC is required in cannabis, illegally produced cannabis may contain more than the required amount, which may be harmful to your health.

3. No Safety

Illegally produced cannabis may be harmful to health because it may be sold with harmful products or practices. Furthermore, illegally produced cannabis has not been tested and cannot be returned for a safety check.

How Can I Recognize Legal Cannabis?

It should be noted that only authorized and licensed distributors sell legal cannabis. Every province in Canada has authorized private or government-run outlets where cannabis can be legally purchased. Recognizing legal cannabis is simple because its packaging and labeling contain some basic information. Among the details are:

  • The originally acceptable cannabis symbols
  • The name of the product, the company’s name, and the brand’s logo
  • The exact amount of THC and CBD contained in the product
  • The excise stamp and the location of sales
  • The list of ingredients contained in the product
  • Every health warning message applicable to the use of cannabis
  • All nutritional facts

How Many Grams Am I Allowed To Own Per Time?

The Cannabis Act states that an adult can only possess 30 grams of cannabis at a time, but there is no limit to how much they can have in their home. I know you’re trying to figure out how many wraps equal 30 grams of cannabis. 30 grams of cannabis will be approximately 60-70 wraps when properly wrapped. It is sufficient to share with other adults who are interested in cannabis.

Are there age restrictions?

Although the federal government set the minimum age for adults in Canada to buy and consume cannabis at 18 years old, provinces were given the authority to set a minimum age that complied with their regulations. The provinces and their legal ages are listed below.

  • Alberta, 18 years
  • Quebec: 18 years
  • Nova Scotia: 19 years
  • British Columbia: 19 years
  • Nunavut is 19 years old.
  • Manitoba: 19 years
  • Ontario: 19 years
  • New Brunswick 19 years
  • Prince Edward Island 19 years
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 19 years
  • Yukon, 19 years
  • Northwest Territories: 19 years
  • Saskatchewan: 19 years

A Check on Mental Health

Cannabis, particularly medical cannabis, can be an excellent treatment for a variety of ailments. Is it important to note, however, that there are side effects when used incorrectly? People who consume it frequently and those who began earlier may be at risk of developing mental illnesses. When combined with other substances such as tobacco or cigarettes, cannabis can be harmful to your health.

Is it Illegal to Be High in Public Places?

Consuming cannabis in public places is strictly prohibited for the sake of people with smoking allergies and underage children. Most Canadian provinces restrict cannabis smoking to areas where cigarette smoking is permitted. Cannabis smoking is not permitted in restaurants, hotel lounges, or workplaces.

Smoking is prohibited in cars, areas frequented by children, and places where tobacco is restricted in Alberta. Smoking is prohibited in cars, areas where children are present, and places where smoking is not permitted.

Smoking is permitted in private residences only in Manitoba and New Brunswick. Smoking is only permitted in private residences and on private property in Newfoundland and Labrador. When not in use, smoking is permitted in places such as private residences, highways, streets, and parks in the Northwest Territories. People only smoke in cannabis lounges and at events where smoking is permitted in Nunavut. In Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Yukon, smoking is only permitted indoors and thus only on private property.

Does Cannabis Affect Public Health?

According to a report by NORML, excessive cannabis consumption and drug-impaired driving are major causes of fatal crashes and increased injuries in society. Fatal accidents are among the factors affecting public health. According to this study, there appears to be a link between cannabis use and motor coordination. It is also claimed that marijuana-impaired drivers cause more fatalities than those who are not.

However, in order to reduce the number of accidents caused by drunk driving in Canada, the federal government limited the amount an adult could possess at one time. To emphasize this, medical professionals recommend that you only consume what your brain can handle. Excess cannabis use and driving can cause your vision to blur or knock you out, resulting in serious accidents for others.

Is the legalization of cannabis a success?

Speaking of success, cannabis legalization has been a huge success, with sales increasing year after year. Cannabis sales are increasing, which is good for the country’s economy. As more people buy, the distributor earns more money, which means more tax payments to the government.

Furthermore, cannabis legalization created job opportunities for the unemployed. As more retail outlets open, the demand for attendants, security personnel, and laboratory technicians will grow. Employing more people to fill these positions will ensure a balance in citizens’ living standards. An improved standard of living for citizens ensures that a country’s economy grows. The Canadian economy can grow even more if business owners and wealthy investors invest heavily in the production and distribution of legal cannabis.

Another success of cannabis legalization is the reduction in criminality associated with cannabis consumption People caught with cannabis were usually imprisoned and fined prior to its legalization, but with its legalization, people could now freely consume recreational cannabis for fun. This reduced the number of minor illegal drug use or cannabis offenses brought before the justice system. The justice system now has more time to deal with more serious cases.

What Should I Know When Buying Cannabis?

It is critical to understand some basic information before purchasing cannabis. Your level of knowledge will influence how you purchase cannabis. Here’s what you should know before purchasing one:

1. The Right Quality

Knowing cannabis is one thing; knowing which strains are best for consumption is quite another. Good marijuana, or “weed,” is distinguished by its aroma, appearance, feel, and flower structure.

Good cannabis has a pleasant and pleasant aroma. It has the scent of a flower. The aroma of good cannabis cannot be mistaken. A healthy cannabis plant has the appearance of a healthy flower with a greenish appearance mixed with a touch of red or orange. When you squeeze two cannabis flowers together, they should be sticky at the edges and have a sponge-like feel. It should be breakable at the stem as well.

2. Mode of Preparation

A high-quality marijuana strain must have the proper ratios of THC and CBD. To ensure that consumers’ health is not jeopardized, the CBD to THC ratio in good weed is usually higher.

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