Top Cannabis Strains To Help Your Anxiety

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Anxiety disorders affect more than three million adults in Canada. Of course, everyone experiences anxiety in a different way, and they need a unique healing method. If you have tried everything and are still anxious, you might want to give best cannabis strains for anxiety management.

It is essential to know which strains will help you with this as different strains are ideal for various problems. Here are the top cannabis strains that will help you with anxiety.

1. Canna-Tsu

If you don’t want to be stoned out of your mind and manage your anxiety, Canna-Tsu is one of the best strains for you as it is gentle. The strain will allow you to be at peace without getting you too high. That is why it is an ideal choice for people who experience anxiety regularly.

After all, you wouldn’t want to be high every time you feel anxious, which is where Canna-Tsu comes in. It is a hybrid strain of Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. The strain will promote deep relaxation and enhance your focus in no time.

2. Granddaddy Purple

Almost everyone who experiences anxiety has used this strain as it is one of the best ones for anxiety management. The strain mixes two Indica strains known as Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The aroma is sweet and will closely resemble grapes or blueberries because of the Purple Urkle strain.

The Granddaddy Purple will ensure all the tension and stress from your body and mind is released so you can relax. Soon after using the strain, you will go into a peaceful state, which will allow you to forget about your worries. You can also use this strain for insomnia, muscle spasms, and much more.

3. AC/DC

AC/DC is a strain that has the highest CBD levels, which come to 19%, and it has a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1. The strain is Sativa-dominant, and it will offer you intense relaxation that you may not experience in other strains. AC/DC will ensure you have a centered and calm headspace without a potent high.

You can use the strain for breathing deeply and relaxing whenever you are facing anxiety. AC/DC will soothe your mind and body to ensure you are not worrying about anything. The most notable effects of this strain are that you will feel euphoric and relaxed.

4. Amnesia Haze

The Amnesia Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is widely known for its energetic effects on individuals. It has become incredibly popular with time because it helps many people reduce their anxiety symptoms. The strain is a hybrid of Jamaican Landrace, Cambodian Sativa, and Afghani Indica.

Amnesia Haze has a THC concentration of 20%, which is why you will feel a powerful head high after smoking the strain. However, it is still mellow enough to enjoy a few hours before you head off to sleep. The citrus fragrance of the strain will also help you enhance your mood and manage anxiety.

5. Jack Herer

Do you want to be transported to your happy place when experiencing anxiety? If you do, then all you need is the Sativa dominant strain known as Jack Herer, which has won awards for its potency and quality. The strain is high in THC as it ranges from 15 to 19%, but it has virtually no CBD.

Many individuals have experienced that the strain provides a mood lift without affecting physical energy. That is why you can easily use this strain during the day. It will guarantee your anxiety is eased without any burden to your physical energy.

6. Chocolate Chunk

If you want a flavorful strain that reminds you of chocolate to manage your anxiety, then the Chocolate Chunk strain is perfect. The taste resembles an earthy clove aroma with a hint of cocoa. The strain is ideal for smoking before bed as it induces a deep sleep, which is why many people struggling with lack of sleep because of anxiety use this strain.

Cannabis strain is potent and has sedative-like effects, which is why you should never smoke this during the day unless you plan on being on the couch all day. The strain is also concentrated in THC, so you can expect some psychoactive effects. Once you smoke, your muscles will relax, your anxiety will go away, and you will sleep in no time.

7. Trident

Trident is an anxiety management strain with a high CBD content of around 12% with low THC levels below 6%. It is perfect for promoting focus and relaxation when you want to manage your anxiety. Many individuals facing stress and anxiety use this strain regularly to manage their symptoms.

The best part is that it will not give you an intense head high, which is why you can smoke this during the day. It will allow you to get on with your daily activities with less anxiety and stress. So, if you are a busy bee and need to manage anxiety, Trident is for you.

8. Northern Lights

Finally, we have the Northern Lights strain, an Indica dominant strain containing 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. It is one of the most widely used strains to manage anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Northern Lights have a sedative-like effect, which is why you should not use them during the day.

The overall effect of the strain is calming, mood relaxing, and sleep-inducing. All your worrying thoughts will go away, and you will feel much more relaxed than before. Take this strain before bedtime and experience the best sleep of your life.

Final Words

These were the top cannabis strains to help with your anxiety. You can choose from any of these depending on your symptoms and when you want to experience the effects. For example, sedative-like strains are best for nighttime consumption.

So, decide what strain you like best and order from our extensive collection of marijuana strains. Budora offers Vancouver Weed Delivery to your door, so you can enjoy the effects of marijuana wherever you are.

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